Me: Where are the owls? WHERE ARE THE OWLS?
Hooters Waitress: Please sir, you're causing a fuss and disturbing the other customers-
Me: *banging my hands rhythmically on the table* WHERE-ARE-THE-OWLS? WHERE-ARE-THE-OWLS? WHERE ARE THE OWLS?


you have grown ass adults on this website acting like idiots to cater to their twelve year old fanbase and its so strange

How many baby boomers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None. They make a millennial do it for nothing and tell them that they’re lucky for the opportunity.


Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.


probably my fav game of thrones cap ever


probably my fav game of thrones cap ever


I’ve never related to anything more

I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants.
Anne Hathaway. Amen. (via socialsurvival)


whats up guys, its your friend Plain Rice McBandPromoter. today im gonna be listening to boring math rock and eating shit crumbs out of my own beard, have a good one!

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Its like I can feel the spit in my ear.